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About money...

I have asked myself some questions about money, what it really was...And I have as well wrote a message to rich people.

On this branch of the site I wanted to talk about different subjects, different ideas that have gone through my mind.

You can suggest your own ideas and react to mine on the forum Zob. (instructions are in french as well as some of the subjects of discussion, but I am sure you can manage)

...Collective Futures... Music and dance is what we love, it guides us ...We want to create great events based on people not profits...

Crop Circles are formations, patterns created in crop fields. It is a phenomenon that intriguates me much and I thought it would be a good idea to share what can be told about them.

Crop Circles seem to be full of symbolisms, it is a mix of amazing beauty and enigmas. Indeed we can find many patterns which already exist in many cultures of the whole planet.(In Tibet, China, Europe, Israel, Egypt, Mexico).

I have found a pretty good web site dedicated to them, with explanations, theories, articles... It seems like a good idea to direct you there directly (The creator of the site, Martin Keitel encourages you to make comments and give feedback about his site).

Here is a library of pictures of crop circles taken from the sky.(amazing)


Chaos theory and fractals, a revolution of ideas.

This is a presentation on fractals, chaos and some of the magic that goes with it.I wrote this essais last year while I was studying Experimental Art in Bristol, England. I find this subject really interesting, fascinating and I hope chaos will be part of tomorrow's soft revolution.

These are my favorit sites giving information on expansion of human consciousness





Travel in Time and enter the fourth dimension…

Houses in wood, in shape of a magnifying glass completly created around the golden mean, rotating on itself to follow the path of the sun…
it’s beautifull...
http://www.grafix.fr.st/ It is an Art gallery mainly exhibiting Rhill's computer art which I find both scary and fascinating.

: Herbalism :
: Meditation :
: Full Sensory Perception :
:Development Training :
: Aura Reading/Healings :
: Past Life Regression : :Spiritual/Emotional Counselling :
: The Torch of Life :
: PAN - Planet Art Network Scotland :
: The Runes :
: The Tzolkin :
: Time and The 13 Moons :
The Dreamspell of Timeship Earth 2013



It is Bernard Werber website, a realy interresting french writer. On his site he speaks about his books and about the univers, the earth, human beings, fractals, new technology, he imagined different possible futures for human kind and the earth...Most of it is in french but you'll find some stuff in english particulary this.

If you are a musician and would like to record some music in France, the "studio du moulin" uses best numerical technology, unables you to realise all your sound creation. Album, video post synchronisation, artists production, arrangment, mix, mastering...

Situated on a forested hill near Toulouse (20 minutes), this old wind mill is nowadays a real residential studio, which is known for its efficiency and serenity for all acoustic, electrical, or computed musical creations.


Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
There's some great pictures of what can be seen in space...
just pick an attractive tittle...
http://www.multimania.com/chezsuzette it is a website I did for my ant who is renting the top part of her house in the pyrénnées.


This is an art galery showing works of artists of Honduras (central america).

Cultural representatives of the 12 Tribes or source-races of humanity, woven together by Heart Chakra piercings in a web of Unity in Diversity.

I stopped smoking thanks to a book written by Allan Carr, called "The easy way to stop smoking".

It was a really good experience and I encourage you all smokers to try it cause it is actually really easy and healthy to stop smoking. (the book is really cheap as well).

Allan Carr has a web site that you can visit here.

Artwork for the Soul
The Visionary Art of New World Creations and Atmara Rebecca Cloe.
Free monthly desktop wallpaper Mayan 13 moon calendar.

Audrey Atkinson's Art galery